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salted-caramel-coconut-macaroonReally, the answer is, what doesn’t?! How about salted caramel? I only burned myself a little (ok, a lot, hot caramel is HOT!) but the girls at the office confirmed these are YUM…Thanks Danny Macaroons for publishing a cookbook so we can all bake up your deliciousness at home. What to try next? Spiced pumpkin? Eggnog? Tiramisu? Red velvet with cream cheese frosting? Pretzel-potato chip-Butterfinger? (Yes, for real) Oh my…macaroon-bibleThis weekend was a beautiful Saturday to be outside, then a temperature drop on Sunday that made it feel so good to stay home and make hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick and Bulleit Bourbon (thanks Carter at Diageo), Serious Eats’s recipe for Cheesy Mashed White Beans with Kale, Parmesan and a Fried Egg (thanks J. Kenji López-Altand my first POT ROAST (thanks, Pioneer Woman!), all with Humphrey on my lap and a glass of red wine in my head because you just HAVE TO open a bottle for the pot roast.november-sundayAnd thanks, Danny, for granting my wish for an Asian macaroon sketch at the launch party, too cute.macaroon-sketch