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July 1981 Dave arrival

“Flowers have the sun, children have their mothers” ~ Kay Andrew

Thank you to my Mother: for love, for patience, for humor, for creativity, for generosity, for compassion and understanding.

Thank you to my foster mother: for taking me in, for caring for me, for letting me go.

Thank you to my birth mother: wherever she may be, if she is still of this earth, for having me, for whatever came next that got me here.

To my dear friends who are mothers, several whose first Mother’s Day is today, I’m so proud awed by the amazing things you’re doing for your babies already.

Thinking of someone who lost his one and only mother just a week ago: irreplaceable and ineffably sad, my heart breaks when I think of you. Wishing you peace, always.

Today I’ll be posting with CS Global and Vogue from the Born Free Africa Launch Event: its sole mission to end transmission of HIV from moms to their babies.

Maybe one day I’ll be a mother too, maybe not. I can only hope that if that happens my Mother will be by my side to share all she knows and has learned over years of caring for three children no matter what.

Thank you, Mom, thank you.

Nov 1979 Jen mom living room