Welcome to the World


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baby-knittingWelcome to the world, little one. You are so beautiful already. Your Mom and I were college roommates and have been friends for over 20 years. How time flies…baby-knitting-2I always love knitting for babies (ok, and for cats…), especially to keep them warm on a cold day such as this, so little thumb-less mittens.baby-mittensThese are the same socks I made for Allison’s baby and this time they were faster.baby-socksAnd your Mom loves bears, so a bear hat just for you.knit-baby-hatThere are pink hearts on the back because I like adding hearts, like to this sweater. All packaged up before I went to Shanghai because I thought you’d be born while I was away.baby-knitting-3We tried them on your Mama’s teddy bear and he said they fit, so I hope they fit you too!  Can’t wait until the next time I see you.  You’ll be even bigger by then…teddy-bear

Yet Another Use for Coconut


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thai-curry-classWhile this previous post was about sweet coconut, this one is about savory: Thai curries with coconut milk! I took a class at Brooklyn Brainery with Jonathan Soma and couldn’t believe it was possible to make this from scratch.thai-ingredientsRoasting spices and grinding everything into a pulp was fragrant and cathartic. And in an hour or so we had the beautiful massaman curry above with beef, potato and onion, and also a green curry paste to take home. I definitely wanted to make more on my own so I went on a Chinatown shopping trip. First: Asia Market Corp at 71 Mulberry Street.asia-market-corpI’ve been in many Asian market but there were aisles of ingredients I’ve never used before.asia-market-corp-2Then Bangkok Center Grocery at 104 Mosco Street, which Soma said had the nicest shop owners and he was definitely right.bangkok-thai-groceryThe helpful man at the register told me I could freeze my galangal, kaffir lime and lime leaves and helped me choose a mortar and pestle:thai-grocery-casean exciting (and heavy!) purchase. I’ve never cooked with these two kinds of Asian eggplants before and I’m now in love with Thai basil.thai-ingredients-at-homeThe green curry was delicious too. Here’s to more Thai cooking at my place.thai-curry-complete