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C360_2012-06-08-08-47-31Tomorrow will be my 2nd day at Hester Street Fair!  Here’s my flower prep haul from G. Page.C360_2012-05-26-10-35-29There will be peonies (of course!), campanula, alchemilla, clematis, nerine, allium (minis too!), carnations and lamb’s ear (just the leaves!) and a few more blossoms I can’t remember now…C360_2012-06-01-09-18-47I’m going to get up early and TRRYYY to find some lilacs still in the market — no promises though!  It’s getting a little late in the season for them, but they smell heavenly.C360_2012-06-01-09-21-08And hydrangeas are a bit large for the Ball jars I’m using, but WHOA, this is sure a lot of them.C360_2012-06-08-08-57-56I could never keep it alive, but I couldn’t resist this shot of an orange tree right on 28th Street in the middle of the city…hmmm…maybe next time..
I’ll also have floral prints and letterpress cards from my Etsy shop.  Hope to see you at the fair!C360_2012-06-08-08-49-09